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What Makes Our Custom Packaging Special

Sizes to suit any product

Don’t settle for stock sizes when you don’t have to. Our custom styles — stand up pouches with U or K shape bottom gusset, flat bottom, side gusset, flat vacuum pouches — can all be sized to give your product a snug and safe fit.



Quality without compromising


Our custom packaging is engineered to have the highest quality and to be the best. That means using the most suitable, finest raw materials, lamination, printing and bag making process.



State of the art gravure printing technology


See your photos, logo, and design printed beautifully using state of the art gravure printing technology and equipment. Your brand will beam with color your product will pop on the shelf.



Short runs


 Save the cost of labels and save the cost of applying labels. Give your packaging the edge, and take it to the next level. 

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