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flat vacuum bags

SLS Packaging manufacturers and supplies high performance flat vacuum bags for fish, meat, and similar applications, as well as every day use 3 sides and 2 sides seal flat bags. Get rid of labels! Let us print your logo!

Packaging Offering

  • Oxygen & moisture barrier.

  • Suitable for frozen products.

  • Superior vacuum and puncture resistance.

  • Combination of clear front/top panel with printed, opaque, foil or metallized back/bottom panel.

  • Nylon/PE, BOPET/PE, BOPET/Nylon/PE.


        Flat bags style drawings:

                 3 sides seal

                 2 sides seal



  • 10 colors, high resolution gravure printing technology.  

  • High, medium, low multi-layer Oxygen & moisture barrier.

  • Materials - BOPET, BOPP, NYLON, Alu foil, metallized, matte films, CPP, PE (Co-ex, EVOH), and more.  

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