SLS Packaging manufacture and supply high performance flat vacuum pouches, for meat, fish, and similar applications. 

We offer:

  • Stand up pouches, Quad seal bags, flat bottom, side gusset and bottom gusset bags

  • Reclosable zipper

  • Custom design

       Stand Up Pouches Style

       Doyen Style Gusset

       K Skirt Style Gusset

       Plough Style Gusset



  • Up to 10 colors high resolution gravure printing technology.  

  • High, medium, low multi-layer Oxygen & moisture barrier pouches.

  • Extrusion and adhesive (solvent & solvent free) lamination.

  • Materials - BOPET, BOPP, NYLON, Alu foil, metallized, matte films, CPP, PE (Co-ex, EVOH) and more.

  • The most advanced solution for shampoo, soap refills, drinks and liquid food

  • Efficient and economic bottle replacement solution

  • Excellent puncture resistance

  • Custom shape design

  • Stand Up Pouch with silder zipper reclosable feature

  • Up to 10 colors gravure state of the art printing technologies

  • Oxygen & moisture barrier structures

  • Reclosable zipper, Slider zipper

  • Custom design

Stand Up Pouches Style

       Doyen Style Gusset

       K Skirt Style Gusset

       Plough Style Gusset








Watch our "Pack-iT STAND" - stand up pouches in action, packing bread crumbs on a carousel packing machine at a co-packing facility.

Packaging needs to preform! From the time of  manufacturing until the end user receives it

SLS Packaging solutions product protect people, protect products and protect your brand

Brooklyn, New York

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